Whether you have a house or business in Lethbridge, you’d know there’s nothing more satisfying than looking at newly installed tiles. They’re aesthetically pleasing, durable, and can increase your property value. Tiles can also improve safety and protection on your property while adding a unique personal touch. 

Being a responsible property owner means learning when and how often to schedule professional tile and grout cleaning. While newly installed tiles are pleasant to look at and easy to clean, it can eventually be difficult to keep them spotless because of the dirt buildup.

If you want to keep an appealing property, this article will discuss grout, the importance of cleaning it, and removing stubborn dirt. We’ll also tackle how often you should schedule a tile and grout cleaning. 

Grout: What Is It and Why Is It Difficult to Clean?

Grout is a porous material that can soak up liquids and dirt. You should remember that mopping or wiping won’t always get into the grout and can worsen the stain. 

While using bleach to clean grout may seem like a good idea, acidic mixtures and wire brushes can harm the grout and steam cleaners can weaken it. These methods can also cause water damage and tile discolouration. Tile and grout cleaning experts recommend using a gentle cleanser and avoiding harsh chemicals or scrubbing tools. You can also invest in high-pressure professional washing. 

How Often Should I Schedule a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Remember that no two companies will have the same tile and grout cleaning schedule. How often you schedule cleaning will depend on your situation. While regularly cleaning and maintaining your tile and grout is essential to keep them in good condition, letting a professional clean and seal them regularly can help extend their lifespan. 

4 Factors Affecting the Cleaning Frequency

After discussing grout and how often you should book a professional tile and grout cleaning appointment, this section will enumerate what affects the cleaning frequency. 

  1. Dirt and Dust   

Dust and dirt are tiny particles that can settle and accumulate in different areas, resulting in dirt and grime buildup. While you can find them almost anywhere, you’re more likely to see them in production facilities that kick up dust or dry and dusty areas with open windows. Besides being an eyesore and causing health problems, these particles can also damage the affected surfaces.

  1. Stovetop Frequency 

The more you use your stovetop, the more likely small food particles will become airborne and settle into the gaps of the grout. It can eventually cause a greasy buildup that may not be immediately visible. 

  1. Foot Traffic

Factors like the number of individuals in an area, how often they take showers, and how much cooking they do will affect the frequency of your regular tile and grout cleaning. 

  1. Pets and Children 

You should also schedule more frequent tile and grout cleaning appointments in your properties if you have pets and children running around your property. Pets can bring in dirt from outside, and they don’t usually think about cleaning their feet before entering.

Why Should You Clean Your Grout? 

You should call a tile and grout cleaning company to maintain your flooring regularly to keep it looking good and performing well. Cleaning it regularly to remove dirt and debris helps prevent discolouration and buildup. It can also help prevent allergic reactions and asthma attacks because of mould and fungus growth. 

Moreover, letting professionals seal it at least once a year protects your flooring from further damage. That way, your grout will remain clean, durable, and beautiful. 


Regular tile and grout cleaning is essential to keep your property’s floor looking its best. Using the right tools and working with a professional company can help maintain its durability and beauty. 

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