We all want to maintain a tidy and healthy home in Lethbridge. You may not realize it, but your furniture is vital to your home’s overall look and comfort. If you want to achieve an ideal home, like in magazines, you should regularly clean your upholstery. It is exposed to a lot of wear and tear, so it can quickly become dirty and stained.

This article will explore the benefits of upholstery cleaning and how often you should do it to keep your furniture in tip-top shape.

What is Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning refers to cleaning the fabric and materials used to cover furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and other seating furniture. It involves deep cleaning the wrapped textile to remove dirt, dust, stains, and other debris accumulating over time. 

Several upholstery cleaning methods include steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and shampooing.

How Often Should I Do Upholstery Cleaning?

The frequency of upholstery cleaning depends on several factors. For example, if you have pets or children who often use the furniture, you may need to clean it more frequently. The same also applies if you have guests visiting your house regularly.

Generally, it is recommended that you clean your upholstery every six months to a year. However, if you notice stains or spills, you should address them immediately to prevent them from setting in.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your upholstery can accumulate dust, dirt, and allergens over time. These particles can circulate in the air, triggering allergies and other respiratory problems. Regularly cleaning your upholstery can avoid all these concerns and see a significant difference in indoor air quality. 

2. Prolongs the Life of Your Furniture

Regular upholstery cleaning can extend the life of your furniture. Dirt can wear down the fabric and cause it to look old and faded. Deep cleaning can remove these particles and prevent them from damaging their fibres.

3. Eliminates Odors

Upholstery can absorb odours from food, pets, and other sources. These can linger and make your home smell unpleasant. One way to remove these nasty smells is to clean your upholstery thoroughly. Doing so will leave your furniture smelling fresh and clean.

4. Removes Stains and Spills

Stains and spills can be challenging to remove from upholstery, especially if not dealt with immediately. However, regular upholstery maintenance can remove and prevent them from setting in, so you will not have a hard time deep cleaning later.

5. Improves the Appearance of Your Home

Clean furniture can make a significant difference in the appearance of your home. Upholstery cleaning can keep your furniture looking its best, making your home spotless and more inviting.


Cleaning your upholstery requires effort, but with all the benefits listed above, you’ll realize that it really is a must. Fortunately, you can hire experienced and professional cleaners to do the job more efficiently. In addition, these experts have specialized equipment and techniques to protect your furniture, saving you time and money in the long run. 

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