Carpets are a popular choice for commercial buildings here in Lethbridge Alberta due to their affordability and how they add to a room’s overall look. To ensure that carpets last as long as possible, businesses should take the necessary steps to keep them looking their best. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent dirt or grime from building up and damaging the material. With proper care, carpets can be enjoyed for many years.

Here are four factors that must be considered in cleaning commercial carpets: 

  1. Foot Traffic 

In a commercial area with carpets, it is important to consider how much foot traffic it gets. Carpets in areas with high foot traffic need to be deep cleaned more often than those with less foot traffic. For example, carpets in a lobby with many people going in and out would need to be cleaned every month, while carpets in a smaller office with fewer people would only need to be deep cleaned once or twice a year.

  1. Primary Care and Maintenance

Vacuuming carpets regularly with a high-quality commercial vacuum cleaner can help prolong the lifespan of carpets. It will also stop dirt and sand particles from building up, which can cause ugly traffic patterns and wear down the carpet fibres. Vacuuming regularly, combined with deep cleaning carpets every few months, can help eliminate dust mites, bacteria, allergens and dander, resulting in improved air quality in an office space.

  1. Spots and Stains

It is important to address any spills as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming harder to remove and becoming unsightly stains. Rubbing the spill should not be done as it will only push it further into the carpet’s fibres. Instead, a clean cloth or paper towel can blot and absorb the spill until it is dry. If needed, a carpet stain remover can be used, but directions should be followed closely to avoid any residue that can attract more dirt.

  1. Commercial-Grading

Industrial matting near doorways or other high-traffic areas is a great way to protect carpets from dirt and mud. Fifteen feet of walk-off rugs should be placed at each exterior entrance. These mats should be vacuumed regularly to prevent the dirt and mud from being tracked further into the building. Additionally, in times of heavy rain or snow, wet vacuuming can be used to extract water from the mats. These help ensure that carpets stay clean and protected.


Commercial carpets should be cleaned regularly to maintain a hygienic environment. Depending on the type of carpet, frequency of traffic, and local climate, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once every 6 to 12 months. For carpets that experience higher traffic, more frequent cleanings should be scheduled. 

Regular carpet cleanings will help to reduce the build-up of dirt and debris, as well as help to extend the life of the carpet. Additionally, regular cleanings will help to maintain a healthy and clean environment for employees and customers, which can help to improve employee morale and customer satisfaction.

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